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Supreme Court mandated portal for Unitech employee claim refunds

Author: Niel Hirjee - Published 2019-06-25 11:02

Calport has yet again developed a portal mandated by the Supreme Court of India. The portal at https://employees.amicusunitech.in will enable former employees of Unitech to register their claims by registering on the portal, uploading ID proof and submitting amounts under various heads. The portal is administered by Supreme Court lawyer Aneesh Mittal and amicus curiae Pawanshree Agrawal.

Trade show / exhibition visitor info gathering mobile app for Scarlet Splendour

Author: Niel Hirjee - Published 2015-10-09 12:32

Scarlet Splendour is a design movement — lovingly and gently envisaged by sibling team Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia.

Their mobile app is intended to be used by Scarlet Splendour personnel manning a booth during a trade show / exhibition. The app enables Scarlet Splendour personnel to enter the name and contact information of visitors, specify the product / brand in which they have expressed interest and select one of the follow-up action listed below:
1) Send Brochure
2) Send Price List
3) Schedule a Call

Optionally, a photo of the person who has visited the booth or the photo of his visiting card can also be attached to the information being entered in the mobile app. Offline mode is supported in case internet access is not available; all data gathered is stored on the device and automatically uploaded to the server when an internet connection is established.

At the end of the event, all data gathered by all Scarlet Splendour personnel via multiple mobile devices can be viewed in a single, consolidated spreadsheet.

This app is for internal use only.

Bandhani orders mobile app for boutique

Author: Niel Hirjee - Published 2015-06-15 20:59

Bandhani has placed an order for a mobile app to showcase their three brands: Bandhini, Adda and Siddhartha Daga

EIGMEF Orders Mobile App for Exhibition 'Garment Fair 2015'

Author: Niel Hirjee - Published 2015-05-25 03:14

Eastern India Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Federation has ordered an Android and iOS app which is scheduled for launch in the run-up to EIGMEF Garment Fair 2015 at Kolkata, India.

The mobile app will display information and updates about the Fair. It will also enable delegates and exhibitors to fill out an electronic registration form and pre-register for the event. A directory of exhibitors can be viewed after a user registers on the mobile app. A calendar of Federation events for 2015 will be announced by the organizers during the Fair. The calendar section will be activated on the app in sync with this announcement.

After the event, the mobile app will be used as a directory, where members of the Federation and exhibitors will be listed to facilitate networking and business development.

DEVII Group Orders Mobile App for Boutique

Author: Niel Hirjee - Published 2015-05-14 02:48

DEVII Group Fashion Fabs has placed an order for a mobile app to enable their customers to view a curated collection of Indian dress designs - kurtas, suits and sarees - updated weekly.