Top features of Hosted Lync Enterprise.

  • Skype Connectivity: Lync-to-Skype connectivity lets Lync users communicate with millions of Skype users worldwide. This enables Lync customers to take advantage of Skype’s global reach to connect with suppliers, customers, and partners — while still relying on the enterprise capabilities. Skype connectivity is an optional feature and can be turned on and off on-demand.
  • Lync Federation: Lync external connectivity or federation enables Hosted Lync users to connect with Lync users in other organizations that use Hosted Lync at Calport as well as those that host their own Lync Server on-premises, or host Lync with another hosting provider. Federated contacts can see presence, communicate by using instant messaging, and make Lync-to-Lync audio and video calls. All federated communication is SSL encrypted. This means that if your partners or vendors are already using Lync, you can communicate with them over an encrypted channel instead of over a public IM network.
  • Web-conferencing: With web conferencing, users can share and collaborate on documents such as PowerPoint presentations during their conferences. You can send out a Lync meeting invite right from your Hosted Exchange Outlook Calendar to your colleagues and any external users. The meeting attendees have the option to join via Lync client, or if they do not have a Lync client, they can join via any modern web-browser like Firefox, IE, Safari etc. There is no PSTN or dial-in conferencing support for Hosted Lync Enterprise, we offer the sam via an on-premises install of Asterisk.
  • Desktop and App Sharing: During a conference call you can share your entire desktop, an individual application or individual monitors in a multi-monitor environment. Aside from just viewing the content, other participants can also request control of your screen and, with permission, interact with the content.