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Integrating static website hosting with a CDN can help even further increase the speed of the static site. Instead of the static files being delivered from one central origin server, they are distributed to servers across the globe and served by the nearest / fastest available network.

This is the simplest and most affordable way to supercharge static websites.
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People in your company send and receive countless messages and files that contain essential information about business, tax or legal matters. You may also be required by law or by industry regulations to maintain records for a period of time. Whatever your needs,we can help protect your business and your intellectual property with our archiving, eDiscover and compliance solutions.

With our services, you can maintain an easily accessible archive of messages and documents that can be searched, verified and audited. Our solution provides secure, long-term storage that can save you time, money and potential compliance issues.

We offer options ranging from simple business archiving to legal hold to more complex solutions designed to help you comply with other industry-specific rules.


100% AvailabilityWe guarantee 100% availability, even when hundreds and thousands of people are simultaneously visiting your website.
Branded DomainYour brand is important and your content should be always be served from your own branded domain. When you use our CDN service, your customers will see cdn.yourdomain.com as the domain which serves your content via CDN.
Reduce LatencyMultiple copies of your entire website are cached on hundreds of servers of Akamai's global content delivery network and delivered to your users via servers closest to their geographical location which have the least network latency. This will be appreciated by those who access your website via mobile devices.
Better User ExperienceThe HTML, images and scripts of your website are delivered to your visitors in the fastest possible way, which results in the best possible experience for your users.
Saves MoneyUsing a CDN to host your static website is the cheapest and best possible web hosting option.


Email archiving and compliance is a customizable platform, so the price will vary depending on how your organization configures and deploys it.

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