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Your business runs on email. If your email service provider / web hosting vendor limits you to an overall quota, your workgroup will not be able to use email effectively in the long term. We offer high capacity email accounts and support POP as well as IMAP so that you can derive all the newer benefits of mobility, always-on connectivity, synchronization and collaboration.
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While Google and Microsoft have unmatched resources and infrastructure to operate the email services which they offer, they are unable to provide the localised support and customization which SMEs require to use email to its full potential. On the other end of the spectrum, low cost hosting services offer email and web via the same server: often the 'quota' allotted to a client is used for web hosting as well as email hosting so if it is exceeded then all services and all mailboxes are impacted.

At Calport we have always operated email as a separate service, with each mailbox allotted its own fixed storage. Our clients therefore enjoy business continuity even if one mailbox is over quota or is sending out spam because one PC in the client's office is infected. Additionally, we are able to tweak and customize email configuration, as per the client's requirements, which neither the big players are willing to do nor the small ones possess expertise to offer.


  • Email @ your domain
  • Secure IMAP (for Outlook & Mobile)
  • Spam & virus protection
  • 25 MB attachments


Space per mailboxCost per month
1 gigabyte Rs. 50
25 gigabytesRs. 120

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