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You need high availability web hosting when it is important that your website should not slow down or stop responding, even if the number of people visiting the website increase suddenly. In India such high availability is required for the websites of schools, colleges and boards of education particularly on the day the exam results are declared and thousands of students (along with their friends and well wishers) attempt to view the marks and grades published on the website.
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Though many web hosting companies in India claim to offer reliable services, their offerings are limited to the capacity of the server on which they run their services. Calport uses a custom-configured environment that is purpose built to host even the highest-traffic websites, serving the ninth largest volume of traffic on the entire Internet, hosting more than 400,000 websites that get over 500 billion page views per year. When you subscribe to Calport's high availability web hosting service, your website gets the benefit of the unique environment which only our partner, Rackspace, offers.

Some of the best schools and colleges in India have used Calport's high availability web hosting services, as have many of India's biggest businesses. Please see our case study on the high availability web hosting we offer to Modern High School for Girls and Max India Limited for more information about this.

Calport guarantees 100% uptime on our high availability web hosting services.


  • PHP5 or PHP7
  • ASP.NET 4.5
  • Load balanced db server
  • Load balanced web server


Compute cycles2000
Storage space1 gigabyte
MySQL database500 megabytes
Bandwidth50 gigabytes per month
Email100 POP3 / IMAP mailboxes of 1 gigabyte each
Rs. 85,000 per year

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