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Knowledge is power. With Email Threat Intelligence (ETI) you can take advantage of both knowledge and power as you fortify your online services for impaired operations.
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ETI is a customizable, consultative service offered to organizations that want to build or reinforce their cyber defense capability. Ideal for large companies with a need for immediate threat data, ETI can be easily integrated with other spam and virus filters or be used on its own as a multi-platform security engine.

ETI is built on more than a decade of experience in identifying and blocking unwanted and malicious emails. Our data is gathered by human analysts and rule technicians working with proprietary software around the clock every day. It offers accurate, up-to-the-minute intelligence that helps you guard against zero-hour viruses and spam campaigns.

The ETI service also includes insights and advisories from our team of security analysts who frequently serve as subject matter experts for national and international media.


ETI is a customizable platform, so the price will vary depending on how your organization configures and deploys it.

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