Email marketing - legal and ethical

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Keep in touch with your subscribers and generate new business leads. With Listserv, the process of email marketing becomes simple and you still have access to the some of the most powerful features available in any email marketing system in the world.

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Why use ListServ?

Well, because it works. Actually, works is an understatement. Based on our research over the past ten years, we see that regular use of ListServ can increase turnover by as much as 30 percent!

Ask yourself this: if you were using ListServ these past few years and had stored the email addresses of people who had enquired about your products / services, would your turnover not increase by 30% if you were today able to reach out to all those people to promote a new product / service or offer them a discount?

Of course it would.

Why does email marketing work?

  • It is cost effective: while the cost of designing a newsletter can be comparable to direct mail, the big savings happen because there are no printing, postal or other overheads.
  • It is immediate: email generates an immediate response. The majority of your recipients will view and respond to your email in the first 24-48 hours.
  • It is relevant: ListServ makes it easy to segment subscribers using a variety of groups, so you can ensure that your message goes to the groups most likely to be interested in your offer.
  • It is measurable: more than any other form of marketing, email can provide actionable data on the results it generates. You can keep track of how many of your messages were opened and when, what links were clicked and much more.

Composing / Sending Email:

  • Send HTML email, plain text email and even an entire web page
  • Personalize your email with mail-merge fields in the Subject and message content
  • Use your organization's branded 'From' email address to send messages
  • Attach files (upto 12 MB) to your messages
  • Target your email campaigns by grouping your list based on criteria you define
  • Send email now or schedule it to go later

Email Client Rendering:

  • Send foreign language emails in any major characters set, including Unicode (UTF8)
  • Use a template or compose your message in an easy to use WYSIWYG editor

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Track opened vs. unopened messages
  • Track click-through of web links in your message
  • Track bounces and unsubscribe requests

Email Address List Management:

  • Add a form to your web site(s) to allow visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe
  • Store as many groups with as many email addresses as you like
  • All report data is exportable to spreadsheet (Excel) format

What advanced features does ListServ offer?

  • Use ListServ's subscription form on multiple web sites: put ListServe's subscription form on your Mobile Website, your normal web site, blog and any other web site belonging to family or friends: it is easily done: just add one line of java script code to the web page!
  • Use ListServ's formmail script to power your feedback form: replace your existing script with ListServ and add functionality such as automatically sending an email to every person who fills out the feedback form on your web site, inviting him to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Use a template to standardize the layout of all your messages and newsletters: add a template containing your branding so that all your communication has the look & feel you desire.
  • Customize ListServ's interface to match your web site: include a tag in a blank / master page on your web site and enter its URL in ListServ. Your visitors will now see your web site's layout when subscribing, unsubscribing, viewing archives etc.

FlavorEmail / monthSubscribersSegmentation / GroupsCharges per annum
LiteNo limitNo limit1Rs. 6,000
Basic20,00020,000No limit Rs. 35,000
Premium100,000No limitNo limitRs. 150,000

Note: ListServ Lite can send unlimited email but only to those people who have subscribed to the list via a confirmed opt-in (CIO) procedure.