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Calport is a pioneer. We were the first to offer email and web hosting services to Kolkata's businesses in 1995, even before VSNL launched dial-up internet access in India and we continue to provide new and exciting internet services. We have a long history of success in developing innovative web, mobile and telecom solutions.

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Why pay recurring monthly charges for two services, reseller web hosting charges and cPanel license charges, to run your web hosting business when you can get both for free? Amazon offers a free VPS for 12 months and Virtualmin is a free and open source web hosting and cloud hosting control panel via which you can host unlimited websites, databases, email and domains. We combine AWS' free tier VPS with Virtualmin to give you a reseller solution which is not only free of monthly recurring charges but also makes sales easy by winning customers with the USP of offering them the fastest shared web hosting in India.

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Is your website optimized for Google SEO algorithm?

Google has made a 'Mobile Friendly Test' to give a clear yes / no answer to the question that everyone is asking - does Google consider my website to be mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly test for your website

Check if your website design is mobile friendly according to Google

This test will analyze the home page of your website and report if it passed Google's test for mobile friendliness.

You can run this test by clicking the link below - you will get a report within thirty seconds.

Take Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

Did your website fail Google's mobile friendly test?

Failed Google's mobile friendly test? What you should do next.

  1. Remove all Flash content from your website
  2. Ask your web designer for a responsive website design
  3. Change to a fast web hosting server
  4. Get free help and advice from us to develop a mobile strategy for your business
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Don't waste time and money on digital advertising or social media marketing till you have completed all of the following:

Identify and Track GoalsDefine marketing or sales goals, select KPI (key performance indicator) to track and monitor your digital success
AnalyticsUnderstand and track ROI (return on investment)
Buyer PersonasYou cannot market to everyone on the net. Formulate the personas of your ideal customer so that your marcom can be created accordingly
Marketing AutomationAutomatically nurture all your contacts to buy from you when thy are ready
Perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Perform an SEO audit,develop informational content,use schema mark-up, use an internal linking strategy, reduce page load time, make your website mobile friendly, optimize for conversion
Email Marketing email has a better ROI than other marketing formats, including social media, direct mail and paid search
Online Advertising ManagementOnline advertising has surpassed print advertising. It will surpass television advertising in 2017. But do you know an expert who can get results?