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Calport is a pioneering internet services company based in Kolkata. We were the first to offer email and web solutions to Kolkata's businesses in 1995, even before VSNL launched dial-up internet access in India. We continue to provide new and exciting internet services and have a long history of success in developing innovative web, mobile and telecom solutions.

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Did you know that on 21 April 2015 Google made a major change in the way it ranks and displays websites? The change is so big that the IT industry worldwide is calling it "Mobilegeddon".

Google has already started rewarding mobile-friendly websites and demoting those which are not. The search engine ranking of many millions of websites has changed due to this.
Mobile-Friendly websites rank better than old PC websites

Is your website optimized for Google's new SEO algorithm?

Google has made a 'Mobile-Friendly Test' to give a clear yes / no answer to the question that everyone is asking - does Google consider my website to be mobile-friendly?

Mobile-friendly test for your website

Check if your current website design is Mobile-Friendly according to Google

This test will analyze the home page of your website and report if it passed Google's test for mobile-friendliness.

You can run this test by clicking the link below - you will get a report within thirty seconds.

Take Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

Did your website fail Google's mobile-friendly test?

Failed Google's Mobile-Friendly test? What you should do next

  1. Remove all Flash content from your website
  2. Ask your web designer for a responsive website design
  3. Get free help and advice from us to develop a mobile strategy for your business
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