About Calport - our history, team and core values

Calport Technologies, established in 1995, offers various internet related services and solutions to individuals as well as corporate, educational and non-profit organizations in eastern India. We specialize in computer based communication and have showcased our technical prowess via Calport BBS (an electronic Bulletin Board System, online since 1995) and our other award winning internet properties.

Calport is D&B's emerging SME for 2008
Dun & Bradstreet has listed Calport as one of Kolkata's emerging SMEs of 2008

Professional Internet Services

Calport BBS was the pioneering online service in eastern India, launched in 1995. We offered internet email under the indiax.com domain, usenet newsgroups and file downloads before any of the other ISPs started operating in India.

Calport BBS and the history of internet in India

Calport never was and is not just a website design or mobile app development company. From inception we have always positioned ourselves as a processional internet services company. We remained true to this even at the height of the dotcom bubble, when everyone was making millions by selling websites. At Calport, we have been able to resist the temptation of making quick money by selling services which depend on third party services and the outcome of which we cannot honestly guarantee to our clients - search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) are two services which we do not offer.

Instead we focus on developing our own in-house platforms for services such as email marketing, web analytics, ad servers and web hosting amongst others. This gives us an edge over others who sell hype, resell the services of others or limit their offerings to just website design and development services.

Calport owns and runs in-house the following:
  • Enterprise grade SATA and SSD for storage and backup of our client's data
  • Engine to convert PC web content to mobile ready formats to offer mobility solutions to clients
  • Industrial strength bulk mail servers to enable our clients to do email marketing
  • Web analytics platform which offers more than Google Analytics
  • Private ad server to truly monetize websites and mobile apps
  • Database hosting on multiple RDBMSs and Hadoop clusters to let clients get started with Big Data solutions

We are proud to say that we have designed and hosted hundreds of websites and have successfully implemented diverse projects related to various aspects of computer and internet based communication which have impacted millions of satisfied users in India and other countries of the world.

Our services enable our clients to fully leverage the communication capabilities of their computer networks and add value to their internet resources, communicate more effectively and economically with clients, subscribers and visitors, manage relationships with customers and have greater control over their work-group.

Aside from the services listed on our website, we also develop customized solutions to address niche requirements - especially if the problem is challenging or if the 'experts' have declared it impossible / impractical / unfeasible to do.

Our short term strategy for the future is to consolidate our relationship with website owners in India by cross-selling and up-selling the modular web services offered through India Exchange (indiax.com) as well as the services and solutions offered on this website.

Our long term strategy involves developing services which can be accessed through computers, mobile phones and other devices by users who use English as well as Indic languages.

Calport is powered by a team of talented people

Niel Hirjee does things 'his way' - a living example of chaos theory in action. His primary responsibility at Calport is systems administration.

Angshuman Sett brings over a decade of experience in marketing, market research, analytics and brand promotion. He is founder director of NIHT and IRCMD which together have a network of 100+ skill development centers offering courses in traditional IT as well as new and emerging fields.

Amritava Mazumder combines his natural creative flare with his knowledge of computer software to produce outstanding results in the areas of copy-writing and design for print & web.

Malobika Chaudhuri assists the team with translation of content into Indian and European languages as well as content development in syntactically correct international English.

Samit Roychowdhury has trained as a designer from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in the 1990's and is currently freelancing as a website, graphic and map designer. Samit assists the team on high value projects for web and print design.

Aarti Hirjee is educationalist by training but her time is commandeered to run quality checks on the team's design output.

Core Values

The six core values at Calport are:
[+] Empowerment through Learning and Growth
[+] Enthusiasm and Positivism
[+] Innovation and Adaptability
[+] Support, Appreciation and Humility
[+] Openness and Transparency
[+] Partnership and Ownership

Each of these has a fractal quality - they appear in Calport at different levels of scale:
  • in the business processes and policies that we adopt
  • in the manner that we interact with each other as individuals
  • in the support and energy that we offer to our students and partners
  • in the ideas that we promote to the world

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